How To Grow Your Instagram Presence

12Seven Digital Blog   •   April 10, 2021

Some of the most asked questions that the team at 12Seven Digital receives are; How can I gain more instagram followers? How do I get more people to engage with my profile? 

There is a lot that goes into growing your instagram. One must be able to create quality content, engage with their audience, post consistently, have a clear content strategy, utilize relevant hashtags, ect. The team at 12Seaven Digital spends a great deal of time planning out instagram growth strategies for our clients. 

12Seven is here to help. We’re going to layout 4 of the top tips and tricks that you can use to grow your instagram and create a long lasting community with your followers. 

One thing to note is that the number of followers you have means nothing… you have to be able to build a community where people care and engage. So the question should not be; How do I gain followers? It should be, How can I build a meaningful community on instagram?

Build A Strong Brand

Building a strong brand is very pivotal to creating a strong social media presence.

This means utilizing style patterns that are unique to your brand and engaging with your audience frequently to create a strong sense of community surrounding your brand.

With every piece of content you create you should ask yourself, why? 

This is where having a content strategy in place comes in handy. Having a content strategy helps you come up with goals for all of the content that you produce. 

The first step to building a strong brand is to define the story that your organization is trying to tell. This is how you determine whether or not the content your producing builds upon that story. 

This step can tell you a lot about the current state of your content; The story being told now may not be the one you want. 

The second step to building a strong brand is to: 

  • Define Content Goals :
    • Increasing awareness of your products
    • Providing Support for your customers
    • Trying to change how people think about something
    • Attracting and retaining employees
    • Trying to increase free trial signups
    • Turning leads into conversions
    • Building repeat customers and loyalty

The third step would be to make sure your keeping track of the metrics:

Ex. Metrics 
Goal Metric
Increasing awareness of your products Traffic, views, shares
Supporting customers  Downloads, reduction in support calls 
Advocating for change in thinking  Engagement on social media 
Attracting and retaining employees Number and quality of job applications, staff turnover rates
Encouraging free trial signups Conversion of traffic to trial 
Nurturing leads into conversations  Use by sales rep, conversions from email
Building customer loyalty Newsletter signups, word of mouth referrals 

Choose The Right Hashtags

Hashtags used in 2021 are extremely important. Hashtags were made with the intent for individuals to discover content.

Utilizing the right hashtags can put you in front of your target audience, even if they don’t follow you yet!

You can use tools like and Tailwind to find the most relevant and popular hashtags used within your niche.

At 12Seven we utilize alternating hashtags groups. 

For you this can mean coming up with 150 hashtags that are relevant to your niche and grouping them together. So in this case you would have 5 groups of 30 hashtags that you would alternate between posts. 

We do this because when one uses the same hashtags and never alternates between the groups , one’s posts can begin to be pushed down by instagram’s algorithm. 

We’re going to talk more about hashtags when we talk about the 1.80 strategy below.

Utilize The 1.80 Strategy

This is a strategy that all of 12Seven Digitals clients know well. 

The 1.80 strategy is when you leave your .02 cents on the top 9 trending instagram posts for 10 hashtags that are relevant to your niche. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

This strategy was made by Gary Vee and 12Seven Digital is here to help you use it to grow your online presence and build a meaningful community. 

Step One: Follow 10 Hashtags that are relevant to your profiles niche. 

You can use tools like and Tailwind to find the most relevant and popular hashtags used within your niche.

During this step make sure that you pay attention to the frequency of posts within the hashtags you choose. 

Let’s use the word “Content” as an example. 

Let’s look at the two hashtags #Contentmarketing and #contentmarketingtips.

#Contentmarketing has 4.4m posts versus #contentmarketingtips that has 332k posts. In this case we would choose #contentmarketingtips as it gives one the chance to be seen more in a smaller pool

where posts have a higher chance of performing well and being seen. 

Step Two: Leave an instagram comment!

Now that you’ve completed step 1 and done all of your hashtag research it time to leave your .02 cents. This means leaving your thoughts and trying to provide actual value. 

Comment, like, engage, respond, share.

This is how you leave your .02 cents. 

Step Three: CONTINUE TO LIKE & COMMENT ON POSTS, and start to build your community. 

So just remember: 

You’re leaving your “two cents”, on 9 posts, over 10 hashtags each day. $0.02 + 9 (x 10) = $1.80.

Have Thoughtful Captions

Captions are a chance for you to provide value to your audience. 

This is where you can start a conversation with your audience and build a deeper connection with your followers. Ask a question, give more elaboration on your post, incorporate a CTA, or tell a story

about your brand. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you realize that captions are a huge part of how well your posts perform, so make sure you’re spending the right amount of time curating

the perfect caption. 

So just remember: 


Provide Value.